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I Love Street Children

I Love Street Children is a campaign that YOU can help grow into a nationwide and worldwide movement. It is legally represented by Just Projects Philippine Foundation, which is registered with SEC and endorsed by DSWD. We are working together to gather more NGO’s, missions, foundations, organizations, and individuals to form a coalition to create momentum and “Social People Power” in the Philippines that will enable us all to fulfill the Vision – O in 2020! Note: ILSC is NOT accepting any donations unless it will go directly to the partner foundation. Please be responsible when you give cash! All reports shall be posted here in this facebook group to maintain transparency.

If you have events , projects, suggestion and questions

please coordinate first with us by sending an email to :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ilovestreetkids

Facebook Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ilovestreetchildren/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ilovestreetchildren.ph

Email: lovestreetchildren@gmail.com sms +63 917 3013594

Thank you! EJ Pascua Founder – ILSC FB: http://www.facebook.com/ej.pascua.9

Let’s not look away from our responsibilities to these little angels who need our help! Let’s give them a place called HOME so at least for once in their life they have a place to stay away from all the dangers of the street.

We will give them the HOPE and LOVE they deserve so that their futures can be bright and they can have a positive impact on our society. If we can give each of these children a place to stay, than words like prostitute, criminal, and thief will have far less meaning in our country.This is an obligation, not a choice!





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